Do You Want Custom Live Grooving Drum Tracks?

Get a free live drum track

Get FREE live drum tracks!

Experience what custom live drum tracks can do for your songs!

Creating live drum tracks for your songs!

“I really like what you’ve done, and for the most part you’ve got things exactly spot-on for how I hear the track – so thank you, dude!”

Romeo Crow, UK Singer, Writer and Producer

Are you tired of using lifeless drum loops and/or generic drum samples to create drum tracks for your songs?

Are you curious about what a real drummer can bring to your song?

Look no further! Upload a song and I will compose and record a drum tracks for you! Completely FREE and No strings attached!

That way you can listen and decide for yourself if live drum tracks are something for you! There’s nothing to lose!

Fill out the form below and attach your song and I will get back to you as soon as I’ve recorded your drum tracks! (Usually within 48-hours)

Why Use Niklas J. Blixt to record my drum tracks?

I have years of experience playing (took my first drum lesson back in 1998) and recording drums in many genres on top of some music and music production studies here and there over the years. Head over to the Samples-page and have a listen to previous projects.

I try to work with any budget, no matter how big or small it is. My priority is to make great music not to break the bank account for you. If you’re not sure what you’ll get, send me an email and ask for a free drum track and I’ll record drum tracks for free on one of your songs.

Niklas J. Blixt is and experienced Session Drummer ready to record drums for your project.

Online Session Drummer – Niklas J. Blixt

Bringing Unique Creativity, Experience, and Passion to Your Tracks

My name is Niklas J. Blixt and I am a session drummer and I love playing for the song. Most of my playing lands inside the pop, rock, singer-songwriter and folk/country genres. I have years of experience, writing and recording Drum Tracks for EP’s, Singles And Full-Length Record etc.

“Niklas has drummed for me on several albums now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m able to give him my songs with a sheet of ideas, sit back and receive absolutely spot-on drummings tracks. Not only are the drums played technically well and with feeling, but Niklas always comes up with great ideas that really suit the songs. He never shows off or over-fills – he is a master at serving the song. Highly recommended!”

– Matt Steady Musician & Chief Bottlewasher / www.mattsteady.com