“What to say…? I love it!”

-Sebastien Curdy aka To The North And Further, Independent songwriter and artist from France

My motto is to make the music feel good to the listener.

I’m a session drummer based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. I do remote sessions from my studio in Eskilstuna as well as doing sessions in various studios and live performances where ever in the world I’m needed.

I’ve had mixed musical studies with self-tuition ever since I started to play drums back sometime back in 1998. That makes me comfortable in many different styles of music, spanning from trio jazz to heavier rock. I love to perform live on stage as well as locking into a click track and/or other musicians in a studio setting.

Thanks for dropping by, feel free to get in touch (kontakt@niklasjblixt.com) and tell me how I can help you in your musical endevaours.

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