Custom Live Drum Tracks

Bespoke Live Acoustic Drum Tacks

Let’s face it. Writing, recording and releasing your own songs has never been easier. With a little musical knowledge and a computer, you can basically do it all from the comfort of your home. When it comes to drums, there are great sounding plug-ins with well-recorded samples that are made to work with a wide variety of music genres. But there’s a downside to that…chances are that if you’re using these plug-ins and such you’ll much likely end up sounding very generic and like everybody else. 

Below you find examples of what you can expect when adding custom live drum tracks to your recorded music.


Shure SM57 - The classic choice for snare drums.

If you want to have complete control over the final drum sound, this is the best option for you. You get 7-16 individual stems in WAV format, completely unmixed for you to drop into your DAW and process yourself. 

  • Fantastic quality drum multi-tracks
  • Any necessary editing included
  • Composed uniquely for your song


Multi-track drums being created for your song

Get your drum tracks fully mixed and mastered using state-of-the-art digital processing. Just drag and drop into your DAW. A great option you don’t have the experience or knowledge on how to mix drums.

  • Fantastic quality stereo drum tracks
  • Any necessary editing included
  • Composed uniquely for your song

“Niklas has drummed for me on several albums now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m able to give him my songs with a sheet of ideas, sit back and receive absolutely spot-on drummings tracks. Not only are the drums played technically well and with feeling, but Niklas always comes up with great ideas that really suit the songs. He never shows off or over-fills – he is a master at serving the song. Highly recommended!”

– Matt Steady Musician & Chief Bottlewasher / www.mattsteady.com