Yamaha Rock Tour Textured Green Sunburst (100% re-forested environmentally controlled Big Leaf Mahogany) 

22 x 18″ Bass Drum

12 x 8″ Tom

16 x 15″ Floor Tom 


14 x 5,5″ Tama Superstar Birch Snare with Die Cast hoops and Puresound EQ Snarewires

14 x 6.5″ Gretsch Catalina Club


13″ Meinl Byzance Medium Hi-hat

17″ Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash

18″ Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash

20″ Byzance Vintage Sand Ride



12” Evans G1 Coated (Top) & Evans G2 Clear (Bottom)

16″ Evans G2 Coated (Top) & Evans G1 Coated (Bottom)


Evans G1 Coated (Top) & Evans Snare Side 200 (Bottom)


Evans EMAD Coated (Batter) & Yamaha stock head (Resonant)


Pro Mark 5B Forward Balance

ProMark Forward 5B FBH595TW

ProMark Shira Kashi Oak MT3

Vater Whip

Vater Wire Tap Brushes

Vater Polyflex Brushes

Silverfox Clawstix

Microphones & Audio Equipement

Phonic Helix Board 24 MKII Firewire Mixer (For recording and monitoring on stage)

Shure 215SE In-Ear (For personal mentoring in stage and recording)

Shure SM57 (Main Snare)

2x JoeMeek JM27 (Overheads)

East Snare Mic (Side Snare)

East Tom Mic (Rack Tom)

East Kick Mic (Floor Tom)

AKG D112 (Kick)

Hardware & Accessories


Big Fat Snare – “The original” (Side Snare)

Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide Single Pedal

Premier 2000 Series Hi-hat stand

Tama Drumthrone

2x Premier 2000 Series boom stands

1 Yamaha boom stand

1 Tama snare stand

1 Pearl snare stand